An installation work that constantly creates organic patterns through digitally controlled chemical reactions of water, ink and chemical substances. Systematic digital control and unpredictable chemical reactions create patterns that blend together and eventually turn to black, an insipid, lifeless state, reminding us of the diversity and cycle of life.





"herering" is a 3D Ambient Audio Visual Installation explores chromesthesia. This installation express simulated chromesthesia experience. Explore HSV color space using a controller. Reaching the point where color and sound start to mix. Finally human movement creates a more complicated music and colorful image.





"SHOES OR" is an experimental approach to artificial life which uses shoes as a medium.According to Professor Takashi Ikegami, Information Science at the University of Tokyo.The idea of artificial life is the existence created by behavior that feels life without holding any organic functional or structural life such as cells / body tissues.We aim to update the definitions of life through this approach.



Anywhere Window

『 Anywhere Window 』は窓の欲しい場所に、窓の機能もたらすIoTインテリアデバイスである。インターネットからリアルタイムに天気の情報を取得し、光・音・風で天気を再現する。日の出と日の入りの時間を取得し空の明るさを表現し、 雨が降りだした時は雷の音と光で降雨を伝える。 また、インテリアの一部としてカーテンを好きなものに取り換え楽しむこともできる。

"Anywhere Window" is an IoT interior device with functions of the window for any places in needs of windows.  Weather information is delivered by real time internet connection. All kinds of weather conditions are expressed with light, sound and wind. It displays light linked to the Natural brightness of sunset and sunrise times. Also when it starts rain, it will inform with the sound and thunder light.